Barberian’s Steakhouse

Last week, I went to Barbarians steakhouse with a friend after hearing how great it is and how it can easily be considered as one of the best steakhouses in Toronto. I have been meaning to go to this place for a while now, the only thing that prevented me would be the price. It was considered high end so the price is along the lines of a high end steakhouse. Although I’ve never been to a high end steakhouse to begin with.

When I walked in, the atmosphere completely changed. It fit the description of a high end place. They even have coat check. Not something I see at every restaurant. The service was impeccable. It is definitely a place I would go back to when I am craving high end steak.

I went with the waiter’s recommendation in getting their most popular steak, the rib steak. My friend went with the Filet Mignon 8oz cut. Both cooked medium-rare like any steak should. Our side was baked potato. I only ordered a coke because I had to drive afterwards, perhaps if I go back next time, I will order red wine to pair with my steak.

Finally a steakhouse that can cook my steak properly. Everywhere I went when I ordered Medium-Rare, it would come out medium or medium well. I’ve resorted having to order it rare just to get the desired level of my steak and sometimes they screw it up. Asian places are even worse when it comes to steak. They tend to either overcook it or undercook it too much.

Anyway on to the food. It looked amazing, charred outside, bright pink on the inside. Cutting it was easy and eating was even easier. I will post some pictures when I get the chance to. The crappy thing about high end restaurants is the soft drinks. They don’t use fountain drinks which is both a good and a bad thing. Good thing is that it taste better than fountain drinks. Bad thing is that it cost more and there’s not free refills. But this place instead of serving it in a can, they use the more expensive and classic tasting experience. They served it in a glass bottle.

Between ordering our food and receiving it, they treated us to their house break and pickled vegetables. I did not have any of the vegetables, but my friend said they were the best she’s ever eaten. So I will take her word for it. The garlic bread tasted very good. Soft bread and the crust wasn’t too crispy. Baked just right.

Then came paying the bill. Ended up costing 130 including tip. For 2 people, I wouldn’t classify it as very expensive, but it’s up there with high end prices. I’ve had sushi costing around that price. This would something that I go to once in a while. I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for some good steak and price is not much of an issue. This place would probably be too expensive for the price conscious individual. But it’s worth going at least once. Just don’t eat for the next couple of days. :p

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