Das Keyboard

So, I bought a new keyboard the other day to replace my Razer Blackwidow. If we had gotten this keyboard in stock at my store before the Razer I would have gone with this one instead.

I picked up the Das Keyboard yesterday at work for about 116.99 + tax. Decided to go with the Ultimate S non-silent one, so it uses the MX Cherry Blue switches instead of the Brown ones in the silent edition. They’re identical in terms of look, with the exception the Blue has a more tactile feedback and more of the clicky noise compared to the Silent ones.

The difference between the Professional and Ultimate is the Professional has the labels on the keys where as the Ultimate does not. So you have to know where the keys are otherwise you’ll be typing giberish.

Construction wise this keyboard feels so much more durable than the Blackwidow. And the keys seems to require more pressure to input which will take some time to get used to. I am still trying to get used to memorizing where all the keys are which I don’t seem to have much of an issue with the exception to the number buttons above the keys. This is one heavy keyboard to use though.

I think I’ll be keeping this keyboard for a while. I’ve noticed I’ve been switching keyboards once every year even though the keyboards still work. LOL. I should stop doing that.

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