DPC3825 = Fail router

So I decided to try using the Modem that I got from Rogers when I upgraded to their Extreme service as just a router to see how well it fared. Depending how well it did it would have replaced my existing set up of 2 WRT-54G and 1 WRT-160N set up which is overkill but meh.

Turns out the Router in the DPC3825 sucks balls. Slow download speeds cause me to switch back to my original network set up which shot my download speed back up to somewhere near what I am paying for. I’m paying for “32Mbps” so I should expect a maximum of 4MB/s download rate. Instead I get about half that at around 2MB/s. With the DPC3825 acting as main router I get under 1MB/s

So moral of the story. DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem/Router sucks as a router, but does it’s job well as just a Modem. So not worth the $149.99 they charge for it.

I’m back to my original network set up. I have 1 router set up in my room so my decides can get wireless at full strength in my room (basement). 1 set up on the opposite end of the house and a third router set up on the second level. All 3 routers has been set up as access points so I can go anywhere around the house and still get good signal 🙂

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