Hong Kong: First 3 days

Finally got to go on a vacation where I get to leave the continent. lol

Last time I went outside North America was back when I was in Grade 9-ish when I went to Dominican Republic with my cousins. Ever since I have been stuck in Canada with the occasional one day trip to buffalo once every 5-6 years. lol

Left for the airport on Monday at around 11am for a flight at 2:05pm that day. Thought it was going to be a long as line to check in as they usually recommend getting there an hour and a half before just in case there was a long line up of people checking in their baggage. When we got there there were only like 2-3 people ahead of us. 2 of them were already in the process of checking with 1 person ahead of us. Got everything done by noon so we had about 2 hours to walk around which there was not much to see.

Our fight was a connecting flight with Narita International Airport in Japan which was a 12 hour long flight. During which, we were served with food 3 times. First meal was Beef Terriyaki, second meal was ham and cheese sandwich and cup noodles. Third meal was breakfast with potatoes and omelets.

After the 12 hour flight we landed narita airport for a 3 hour wait before our connecting flight from narita to hong kong. Walked around the airport for a bit, and obviously since I love sushi, I had to try Sushi from Japan. LOL The experience is different, the Rice they use were actually sticky rice and the sushi actually stayed on the rice when I dipped it in the soya sauce.

Flight was at 6:45pm japan time. Another 4 hour flight to Hong Kong we were served yet another meal. This time I got to pick either western style or Asian style. I went for the Asian style. Was served with rice, what looked like fried pork, sushi and what appeared to be fried eel I think. And some egg pudding. Watched 2 movies on the plane ride before we got to the Hong Kong airport.

Day 2 Was not interesting. I didn’t really do anything. Just walked around with my cousin and sister… Had tea twice… Walked around some more. Got my sim card done. and Called people I knew from HK to chill LOL that’s about it.

Then had dinner with family and went home to crash.

Day 3 (today):

Did some shopping for myself today. Bought 3 dress shirts from G2000 for 499HKD. Roughly $65 CDN for 3 dress shirts, and G2000 quality is pretty good. I would say a little better than Mexx quality? After that went to have dinner with family again. At a Sushi train which I forgot the name to the place for. I’ve always wanted to try a sushi train place, but they closed down the only one in Toronto. SO this was a cool experience.

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