Eyefinity….. Success!

I caved in today and decided to buy the Displayport to Dual-Link DVI (Active USB Powered) adapter to see if it was the single-link active adapter that was causing the problem. and After reading more into the product description of the single link dvi adapter i discovered that the product supported 1920×1200 at 8-bit instead of 32-bit (that was a stupid error on my part. I didn’t read properly…)

I got home… opened up the new dual-link dvi adapter.. replaced it with the single link one. and BAM! the third monitor switched to native resolution. It worked!!!

Tried eyefinity and WOW it works!! :D… so I decided to do the final test, which is to run Left 4 Dead 2 on eyefinity setting to see how well it ran. I ran it in single player campaign and everything seems to be running perfectly fine. I didn’t notice any lag what so ever, though I didn’t really run it extensively. I just made it to the first safe house and quit the game… But the fact that it ran without lag on a 5770 radeon is good enough..

Now I will start saving money for a new system.. Hopefully I will be fully upgraded by April, May period with either the new Socket 1155 system or the upcoming AM3+ system from AMD. I have time to save up enough money for a good enough system…

Right now my desk is too messy for a photo. I shall clean my desk one day and post a picture of my improved workstation with 3 displays.. and a secondary linux terminal.. ^_^

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