The Need for Speed

The title says it all, picked up the new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit game that came out yesterday. I couldn’t believe they were bringing back the Hot Pursuit line after they released it over 10 years ago with Need for Speed 3.

Obviously the graphics is alot better now with a lot better car selections. The game play takes getting used to. The controls are easy to remember but to actually control the car is still quite a challenge for me to keep the car straight. Especially after bumping into another object or car. Will play it a bit longer before making a review about it, but my initial observation is the game is quite challenging.. At least for me..

I also picked up the new Call of Duty Black Ops a couple days ago but I’ve only played the campaign mode once or twice. I still haven’t played the Online mode. The zombie mode is alright but im disappointed they are using World War 2 weapons instead of the modern weapons like the AK47 etc etc…

Also…. Picked up 2 4GB Corsair Value RAM for my MacBook Pro, now I am at 8GBs of system RAM and loving it… lol

Work was kinda retarded today. We are currently renovating the TV room so while the worker is working we can smell the burning wood as he is drilling. Had to deal with alot of stupid customers like always…. A pet peeve of mine is when customers don’t know how to say the term properly.. For example the proper terminology for saying Storage units for GB as either “gigs” or “Gigabyte”.. not pronouncing “jiggabytes” or “jiggas”. I’ve had a customer come in asking for 2 “Tetrabytes” when it is suppose to be “Terabytes” Not too sure why the customer would add an extra T where it doesn’t belong. lol

And a customer comes in asking for wireless advice… “I want wireless internet. I don’t want hook wire to computer. My son want internet in his room.” I tried helping the customer as calm as I can but he kept repeating the same thing and I keep having to relay the same message over and over… In the end he did not make a purchase of anything and wasted a good 20 mins of my time.. =.=

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