Blackberry 9800 Torch

So. I decided to get the torch from blackberry. The hybrid between the bold and the storm. A full touch screen phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard.

Spec wise the phone is like the bold except for double the memory and that it runs the bbos6. It is also a little thicker than the bold and wider. It features a 3.2 inch display instead of 2.4 inch.

So far after using it for 2 days I have already gotten used to using the on screen keyboard with the occasional hiccups in the keyboard. But that is to be expected. as long as it doesn’t do it for every word I type than I am fine.

the speed of the phone is quite fast. The load time is noticibly faster than the bold but that is thanks to the new operating system deployed on the torch. The ui has also changed and that took a little to getting used to.

Overall so far my experience has been pretty good with the phone and the picture quality of the camera is pretty awesome. I upgraded my phone from the old bold to the new torch because the Samsung galaxy s wasn’t out and I didn’t want to continue waiting for it. Instead I will be getting whichever android 3 phone that might be coming out next year when google finishes development on it. Even if it means buying the phone at then original price. km sure it sill be worth it.

Ps. This post was typed in the new torch. So disregard any potential grammar or spelling anomaly that might have occurred as I cfb to correct it right now. Haha

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