Alice in Wonderland

Went to go watch Alice in Wonderland at colossus with a few friends.

I went in there expecting it to be a half decent movie. But I came out rather disappointed. I guess its not my kind of movie, but I did not enjoy the movie. There has been a lot of mixed reviews about the movie, I guess I’m in the crowd of people who disliked it.

The movie is about Alice returning to wonderland 13 years after her first visit. She doesn’t remember anything about Wonderland, as she last called it, and she’s supposedly part of some prophecy to slay some beast and save the land from the evil red queen?

A lot of the small details that went on in the movie didn’t make sense. Like how she was upside down yet, her hair showed it but her dress was still on properly, or how the only bruise she managed to get was the three scratch from the beast. Last I remember she fell down the rabbit hole. And that was quite the fall yet she got up like it was nothing.

There were some funny parts to the movie tho. But overall it was not a good movie at least for me. Luckily I watched it on Telus Tuesday where movie tickets are half off regular price.

On other news. I am looking forward to Iron Man 2 in may. And prince or persia looks like itd be a good movie.

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