Windows 7 RC1

Microsoft has released Windows 7 RC1 to everyone who is wants to grab their hands on a copy of the next big operating system. This is still a developmental stage but this is a much stabilized version than their previous Beta which was surprisingly very stable. I am still running Beta 1 on my Dell and it hasn’t shown signs of problems. It will be upgraded to RC1 whenever I feel like it.

Windows 7 is the next big version of Windows, the successor to the failed Windows Vista or what Windows Vista was suppose to be. Windows 7 requires lower system requirements than Vista did and will run perfectly fine on netbooks where as Vista had trouble running on netbooks. It also has many new features unique to the release of the new Windows you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

I installed the new RC1 on my MacBook Pro in boot camp overriding Vista and so far it’s been working great. Granted I am using the 32-bit version. The vista drivers work on windows 7, which is a good thing I suppose as this allowed every component to work properly. So far it’s been running great. Most of the programs I normally use works perfectly fine in Windows 7, however MacDrive was the only program that didn’t work. MediaFour has issued a statement saying it will not support Windows 7 until they release the next big issue. However with Snow Leopard coming out soon that will soon change.

Windows 7 is scheduled to be released this October. I will probably be upgrading to that when it comes out like I did with Vista when it first came out. You can download the RC1 copy here. The RC1 is suppose to run until sometime next year. Long after the Windows 7 is finally released to the general public. Microsoft is letting you use their next big O/S for free for a year. Why pass up on this opportunity.

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