Stop Stealing Focus!

This is a major pet peeve of mine. Is when one application insists on stealing the focus and being annoying. I open up Windows Live Messenger which usually takes its time to load. So I continue on with what I was doing. Whether it be typing a document, surfing the net or anything typing related. The next thing I notice is half my text I just type isn’t on the application it was intended on. WLM stole the focus and now I’m apparently searching though my contacts for such user which doesn’t exist for obvious reasons..

This problem seems to extend beyond WLM. Alot of applications tend to insist on being the active window when opened. Why can’t they just be programmed to open in the background and not try to steal the focus. Yes I opened the application for a reason but I don’t need it stealing focus to let me know the application finishes loading. -.-

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