The day my battery died…

Well it didnt actually die. It can still charge and hold a charge, but 25% of the original charge is left. The battery might last me a good 50 minutes on a full charge. This battery is on it’s way out and I’m forced to replace it sooner than I expected.

Ordered one from apple’s online education store today. The unit costs $143 to get >.< I also decided to get a spare A/C adapter so I can keep one at home and take the other one around with me, sort of like a spare. It'll be kept at home, not in residence. :p On the other news, School's back (OH NOES!) Gotta get myself registered into quite a few courses. Game Dynamics 2 (since I got an INC for Game Computing 1, my mark still needs to be updated before I can get into Game Dynamics 2. Since I failed System Requirements course I'm going to have to enroll myself into the tutorial class they are apparently offering this semester to students who failed. That will set be back another $230. Also, I have to enroll into COMM313 (Technical Communications 2) since I never took the course to begin with. Thought I should get it out of the way this semester even though I should have done that last semester This semester is going to be interesting to say the least. This time I am going to try to stop procrastinating all the time and actually attempt to attend all my classes and actually finish the work on time and maybe I'll do good at the end and not need to worry about retaking the courses.. haha P.S The battery in question is my MacBook Pro's battery.

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