Welcome to 2009!

Haven’t made a post in a while and this will be the first post of the new year!
Happy New Year!

Been busy with alot of stuff such as school and mainly world of warcraft.

The weekend between christmas and new years I went to Sarnia to attend a friend’s wedding, which was pretty interesting. Then for New Years I went over to a friends house to do the countdown and to play what turned out to be an all nighter of COD5 and Mortal Kombat vs DC until around 7am where we went to McDonalds for breakfast. Afterwards went home and slept for about 5 hours.

Decided to buy a new game via Steam but wont be able to play it until I go back to residence most likely tomorrow. The game is called Left 4 Dead, the game trailer looks good and it got a pretty high rating on game sites. I am also planning on getting Red Alert 3 as I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now and maybe pick up Call of Duty 5 cause it looks interesting. It’s been a while since I even touched my PS3, so I think it’s about time I get a new game and start playing with it again instead of spending majority of my time with World of Warcraft which now that I’ve reached level 80, it doesn’t seem to be fun anyway as I’ve pretty much gotten all the gear I can get with Emblems of Heroisms and Heroic Instances.

We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll probably still play WoW every now and then, not as much as I used to last semester tho.

But anyway. Happy New Years!

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