I bought it! lol. The galactic edition which turned out to be quite expensive but well worth it. The case is made of plastic and the design look pretty cool. haha

The installation took around 10-15 minutes and once it finished installing, I was playing the game. Started out as a little tiny microbe the evolved into a fish of some sort, later into a land creature. Afterward, my creature started its own tribe, allying with other tribes and it evolved into a City. Now I’m just starting Space travel.

Bought this game at around 4PM yesterday. started playing it at around 5 and didnt stop till 2AM. :S Kinda lost track of time. Luckly my class today is at 12:40 and I still got a decent amount of sleep 🙂

But the game is quite fun actually. Wasn’t what I was expecting, and well worth it. Everyone should give this game a try. Even the non gamers.

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