Waiting paitently in class

This willbe a short post as well as my first official post using my iPhone wordpress application. Currently it’s been an hour and 10 minutes since class supposedly started and the proff is no where to me seen.

Class officially ends in 40 minutes and if the prof arrives anytime now I doubt we’d be let go on time. -.-

**Update @11:15**
Professor showed up at 10:35 and managed to have a 10 minute class before we got kicked out because another class was about to start.

4 thoughts on “Waiting paitently in class

  1. Yea. Originally we were planning on leaving. But a student called the school and they told us that he would arrive at 10:20
    and it was like 10 anyway. so we decided to wait since it is a fairly important class for our program.

    we’re leaning C++, the programming language for making games or any good piece of computer software. :p

  2. An hour and 10 mins?! And you guys still waited around?!! 😯

    Down here we have an unwritten rule: if the prof has a BS/BA: wait 5 mins before leaving, an MS/MA: 10 mins, a PhD: 15 mins, then you just walk out. There’s no way I’d wait over 30 mins for a professor to arrive, how unprofessional of them.

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