All moved in.

I am finally back at Humber Residence for another 8 months. Go to Humber at around 11-ish, went inside to get my room number, keys etc etc. Afterwards I went to the truck and started unloading my stuff into my new room. It took most of the day to unpack and set up my computer. It was delayed even further when I realized I left my screwdrivers and screws needed to remount my LCD monitors back onto its stand.

After all was done the day ended. Been bored in residence ever since. Walking around doing nothing, staying in my room listening to music, watching some shows. I went to Rogers to order the Hi-Speed Extreme Internet service to use during the school year since reznet is slow and is actively blocking torrents. That won’t come until Thursday, until then I am stuck using reznet on 1 machine.

This year I get to live in the bigger rooms, the suite style room. 2 bedrooms sharing 1 kitchenette and washroom. Better than last year, sharing a common washroom with everyone on the floor and no kitchen of any sort. My roommate is a friend I met last year who lived on the same hallway as I did.

I might post a picture of my room if I decide to take pictures of it.. lol

Until I get Rogers internet. I can’t log into AIM or Skype since apparently only MSN seems to be working.

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  1. lol. I try to be as social as I can be. But so far I’ve spent most of “Welcome Week” in my room. It seems to be really quiet this week. It’s weird but oh well..

    And yea. I know the preview button doesn’t work. I haven’t gotten around to fixing it nor do I know why it’s not working. All it told me to do was activate it. Any idea why it’s not working ? lol

  2. Yeah, a close friend of mine lived in dorms at Loyola in Chicago, so I know about the “upgrading” from dorms to apartment style rooms through the years.

    I’d still never do it though…I very much need my space and I’m a hermit, anti-social. All those people would drive me insane, even more so than I already am. πŸ˜›

    BTW, the “preview” button doesn’t work. :X

  3. Its pretty much a private washroom. Just that its shared between 2 people. It’s not entirely dorm style room either.

    I guess the up side to living in residence is you get to meet other people besides the ones from your program.

    It’s decent. but you can’t expect much since it is just college residence. but its home away from home for the next 8 months. lol

  4. Wow…dorm life is so foreign to me. Especially since you couldn’t PAY me to live in a dorm (omg eww, shared bathroom?!! :sick: ) and I only lived about 10 mins away from school. πŸ˜›

    At least your new digs sound nice. Pics or bs. πŸ˜›

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