A few updates to the site

First of all, wordpress has been updated to 2.6 as it just came out today.

Right after updating a crap load of updates were available for the plugins I installed. So thanks to the auto update thing, the update process went smoothly. I also decided to re-install a subscribe plugin, the same one I used before, just didn’t bother with it much in the past. I went through some extensive editing to the email template to make it match this site, and it turned out quite well, not perfect, quite well. lol

I read through the new features of wordpress 2.6, and I am pretty impressed of the new stuff it has. I didn’t know WordPress has a built in Gallery until last version. Though I think I’ll stick with NexGen gallery since it’s already installed. I also noticed that wordpress has built in avatar support, The Turbo setting, which im currently not using right now but I might. They finally decided to add Theme preview as a function. Now I don’t have to activate the theme to see how it would look on my blog! 😀 Post revision is also a neat little feature.

There’s also this Press This feature that looks like it’s pretty cool. Gonna have to try that out someone. It’s suppose to be able to make a blog on the page you are currently viewing. lol

On other news, I finally got my hands on an iPhone 3g!! 16GB Black. I shall do some kind of mini review on it sometime next week after I play with it a bit. So far first impressions of the phone is quite good. The headphones that are included acts as both a media headphone and handsfree headset, tho wired, not wireless. OH well.

4 thoughts on “A few updates to the site

  1. the latest version of ajaxed wordpress is causing problems. Therefore it is disabled and I have fallen back to the default comment system for the time being, at least until I find a better working one. :p

  2. Ok twice in a row, this time the error was that I already posted that…something to look at, because I’m only clicking the submit button once.

    /me wonders what the error will be this time

  3. Whoa that was weird. Tried submitted that first comment and got an error to “slow down” because I was posting too fast, but I only tried submitting it once. 😯

  4. I haven’t explored all the features yet either, but at least your plugin auto-updates went more smoothly than mine.

    I didn’t know about the built-in gallery either, but I’m sticking with nextgen too.

    As for the iPhone…meh. 😛 Be sure to post pics and stuff though.

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