3g iPhone announced!!

Finally, after all the speculations and rumors going around the internet for the last half the year. Apple, at WWDC2008 eariler today at the Keynote speech presentation, Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone 3g. Availability will begin on July 11th in over 22 countries, Including Canada which of course Rogers will be the sole provider, considering they are the only gsm providers in canada with Bell and Telus being CDMA.

The iPhone also features alot of enterprise features such as support for 802.1x authentication, Microsoft Exchange support and Push email/calendar etc etc. Another new feature is iPhones now include a GPS chip in it effectively making is a GPS unit as well. Apple is also releasing the firmware 2.0 for iPod Touch and iPhone early July and will cost current iPod Touch users $9.99 to upgrade and iPhone users nothing.

Firmware 2.0 is to feature the AppStore for users to buy 3rd party applications such as games. It will also finally release its current calculator with a more feature rich calculator which includes a scientific calculator. (Next they will be doing graphing calculator! hopefully). Apple also released the SDK 3 months ago allow developers to create applications and release it for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free or money. The AppStore will be the method of distribution of the Apps of course.

With the announcement if iPhone 3G, Steve Jobs also announced that they will be cutting the price on the iPhone. 8GB version will come in black and cost a maximum of $199 with the 16GB at $299. The 16GB will come in Black or White. iPhone 3G scrapped using Aluminum plating for the back of the phone and decided to use full plastic and is supposedly thinner at the edge.

iPhone in Canada

Roger’s website doesn’t say its an iPhone release but we all know by the look of this that it will be the iPhone release
Roger's Announcement of the iPhone

No details on the iPhone plans right now and whether or not it will include unlimited data like it does in the states. More details to come. 🙂 For all I know is right now I have my eyes set on the iPhone and will be making the purchase when it becomes available!

On other news. Apple released details on their upcoming Operating System OSX 10.6 Codename Snow Leopard. This new release seems to be more improvements on the inner works of OSX instead of new features like they did on previous OSX releases. The codename is a bit odd too, but seeing how its not adding new features only improved security, improving on current features I suppose I can understand why its called snow leopard. It is expected to be released in a year.

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