End of yet another school year

So concludes another year of school in post secondary school. Though this would technically be considered my first year at this particular school, but its overall my second year in post secondary school, first year being at Seneca.

Made it out alive the first year at Humber, met alot of new friends and made alot of unforgettable memories. Classes have come and gone, Finals have come and gone, now it’s time for summer where I have no clue what I’ll be doing. Either working or sitting in front of my computer screens at home gazing boringly at the screens deciding whether or not i should play video games or make some kind of script.

Time flew by so fast, I still remember stuff that happened at the beginning of the year, the first time I met new people who I’ve shared great memories with over the past 8 months of living in this little tiny cell we call our residence dorm room. Being scared of the shower walls because we were told they might contain some contagious disease that can scar you for life or something along that line.

Well, finishing my XML exam this morning wrapped up my Year 1 of Humber College. Whether I pass or fail is another matter which I will find out in the coming week.

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