Haven’t updated in a while

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function time_for_new_post(){
So I haven’t been posting I guess it’s time for a new post.

Nothing special has happened in the past 4 months. Got a PS3 with a few games, more movies, more games. lol Got a second 22″ widescreen so Now my main machine works with dual 22″ Widescreen displays. It’s wonderful!

First year is almost over! Only 2 weeks left of school and time to prepare to move back home for 4 months of summer break. LOL Gotta cancel services such as Rogers Digital TV and Internet from my rez room or else they’ll continue to send me the bill which is not a good thing.

I’m thinking on starting a PHP application or a C++ application to learn and practice my programming skills so i can be more proficient with it. I also need to look for a job to make some money.

Got exams starting on the 21 all the way until the 25th and moving out on the 26th. which is a Saturday.

Also on a little side note. I’ve updated this blog to WordPress 2.5 release. If you notice any bugs feel free to post it in this comment. If the comment system is buggered. Feel free to drop a message @ digital.azn_at_gmail_dot_com (NOTE: remove the 4 “_”, replace the at with the actual symbol and replace the dot with a period. but key that has a period and a greater than symbol. Just to prevent spamming on my account I suppose, tho gmail is decent at spam control I guess. lol even if some of them manage to squirrel it’s way in)


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