Out of rez until 2008

Schools out for the year, at least the year of 2007. Exams are done and the end of the first semester is finally here. Life back at home is somewhat weird as most of my personal belonging are still inside residence, there is not much to do at home. I don’t need to carry my residence card around with me everywhere I go and don’t need to worry about locking myself out of my room. Home cooked meal is definitely better than cafeteria food.

Two and a half weeks of break at home then its back to residence to prepare for the second semester which is filled with non stop action of what we know as school! Class all 5 days a week and Mon-Wed ending at 17:10, Thurs at 16:30 and Fri at 15:20. With Friday classes being worse since its 9:00 to 15:25 with no break in between classes. You’ll be able to find my course time able in the “about-me” page as soon as I finish this post. Then you’ll get a glimpse of how my next semester schedule looks like.

My main gaming computer is still inside residence, which means no gaming for me for the next two and a half week. Then I’ll be going in swapping out my 36GB Raptor drive with probably a 500GB Western Digital SATA Drive and dual booting if not triple booting XP, Vista and maybe Ubuntu Linux. Maybe, maybe not depending on my mood when I move back in residence and depending how often I get distracted.. haha

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