Boxing Day Shopping

I woke up early morning and left home @ around 0930 in the morning.  Went to CanadaComputers and saw a huge line up for the store to open.   First customer to enter the store receives a free 17″ LG LCD Monitor as well as a $100 Gift Card which is a pretty sweet thing.  But I wasn’t first and there was a long line up so I said screw it and went to TigerDirect instead.

There I got a new LCD Monitor (shocking?  nah… :whistle:) and a new keyboard set for some reason cause it was on sale.. hehe.   22″ Sceptre x22-Gamer monitor.  The height is the same height as the 19″ monitor but the width is wider than the 19″.  Since the 22″ is a wide-screen, it has a resolution of 1680×1050.  Same resolution as the Dell Display.  So far, I’ve been watching a few Stargate Episodes on the new monitor.  Quality is pretty good.  It was bright at first but that was easily fixed by adjusting the menu settings.  Its a good monitor for it’s size and price.  Viewsonic and Samsung’s 22″ monitors are at least $400 while this monitor was on sale for $339.

Then there’s the Logitech MX3200 cordless desktop.  Like all cordless Desktops it includes both the keyboard and mouse.  Mouse is actually a MX600 mouse.  Same mold as the MX610 version except the MX600 doesn’t have those email and instant message indicators.  The keyboard has a small tiny “informative” LCD display which displays the time, date, battery status and other information.  The keyboard also has a “Dynamic search and zoom” touch-sensitive slider for zooming and searching.  There are also 4 programmable hot-keys, one touch internet calling controls (great for voip users, but I have yet to indulge in the the voip world.)  The palm rest is integrated with the keyboard so you can’t remove it, and its not as soft as they advertised it.  This keyboard also has only 1 windows button, the second one (right of the spacebar, between the ALT and the CTRL button) is replaced by the FN (Function) key for the hot-keys for the keyboard.  This keyboard is apparently Vista ready.  The keyboard is supposed incorporated with something called AglON, an antimicrobial compound which provides protection to prevent the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew.  So far this keyboard is pretty good.

Also, I went to first markham place for breakfast since it was like 10:30 then.   When I got there I passed by another computer store, which wasn’t opened at the time, outside had a line up of people waiting to get in the store.  I ignored it and continued on to the restaurant.  When I came out the line had been gone as the store was finally opened.   I decided to walk in to see what specials they had, to my surprise. There were less people in there than there were lined up before the store opened.. LOL  I guess there were only 1 wave of customers as it was a pretty small store unlike Best Buy.  lol

So yeah.  Boxing day sale, I only got 2 things.  both computer related.. lol

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