Semester 1 Marks!!

Great news. I passed them all!!! :D:D:D. Not with high marks. well only 1 was an A.. but the important thing is.. I passed all my courses and now my semester 2 is all set (unless the times have changed on them) I should get 2 days off of school per week!! ^_^

But if you must know what I got.. be forewarned. They arent good/great marks.. lol
ICA001 = Introduction to Computer Application = SAT (a SAT mark means a non credit passing mark. a failed mark in these types of course is an UNSAT or something like that.. meaning UnSatisfactory.
IOA110 = Introduction to Operating System using Windows = A
IPC144 = Introduction to Programming Using C = C+
ULI101 = Introduction to UNIX/Linux and Internet = B+
APC100 = Applied Professional Communication = C
EAC149 = English & Communication = SAT (EAC149 is a non credited English. EAC150 is the proper college English which I’ll be taking in Semester 2)

Our of the 4 marks (excluding the 2 non credited course) my average turns out to be a GPA of 3.0… 2.0 + 2.5 + 3.5 + 4.0 = 12 then divide that by 4 and the final average is 3.0 🙂

My second semester timeable is already posted up.. here is the link

2 of the courses there. OOP244 and IBC233 has a course prerequisite or IPC144. Its a good thing I passed that course otherwise my timetable would be messed up.. lol

OOP244 = Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. Basically another introductory course in programming. This time its using a language called C++ in an object-oriented environment
IBC233 = iSERIES Business Computing. A course that introduces commercial and business information technology on the IBM iSeries server. Work in an object based architecture using a Client Access and Websphere Development Studio Center for iSeries to create business application.
INT222 = Internet 1 – Internet Fundamentals. A course dealing with nothing but XHTML and CSS with Javascript
DBS201 = Introduction to Database Design and SQL. An Introductory course into Databases using SQL (Structured Query Language). EAC150 = College English. This is quite obvious to most. But to the rest. This is an english course obviously. A credited English course.. lol

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