Got my DS Lite!!

Onyx Black is the colour, as recommended by Harold Li :p… It was $129.99 @ walmart compared to $149.99 @ futureshop and bestbuy.. haha!  so thats like saving $20 :p  First games is Mario Kart DS, one expensive game.. @ 44.99 compared to the other game pricing at around 39.99 and under.. :p

Haven’t played the DS yet as apparently I’m suppose to fully charge the thing before first use (supposedly a rule, as said by Kenny.. :p) anyway… Thats all I have to say.. hehe

One Reply to “Got my DS Lite!!”

  1. not just kenny..i’ve heard that its best to charge up electronics before first use..

    hope u don’t drop it or leave it alone and make it feel lonely ! lol

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