My DVDs finally arrived!

DVD sets I ordered about a month ao on Amazon has finally arrived!   Reason why it took so long was because of Stargate SG-1 Season 9 set..  It wasn’t released until the 3rd of this month.. :p

What I ordered were..   Andromeda Season 3 and 4 Box sets and of course SG-1 Season 9 set..  The new SG-1 sets are litterly 1/3 the size of the old sets.. lol  At least its saves spaces now.. haha!   The Andromeda uses the big boxes, older cases meaning it takes up more space..  OH WELL….

On other news, my dad got his new car yesterday as well as my sister..  lol..    My SIster got a Pearl White Mazda 3 Sport while my dad got the Phantom Blue Mazda 5 GT .  07 and 06..

I drove home the Mazda 5.. I have to admit.. It drives quite well.. ^_^

2 Replies to “My DVDs finally arrived!”

  1. yeah, they’re pretty good cars.. but my sister already “feminized” her Mazda3.. so I don’t think I’ll be driving her car anytime soon.. lol

    and my “feminized”, I mean adding a Hello Kitty rear view mirror, adding pink dolls in her car, stupid looking cushions ohl she finds cute.. etc etc.. lol

    and i’ll takes some shots soon.. when i get my new phone/camera.. which hopefully is today after school.. lol

  2. Nice cars, I almost got a white Mazda6 but it was already sold when we contact the people selling it. :hmmm: Ended up getting my pearl ’02 Galant instead so I can’t complain (just put $300 into it today too, doh). You should post some shots of the cars. :thumbsup:

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