Sony in Trouble ?

It all started when a Dell laptop was reported to have exploded during a conference meeting.. That time people were blaming Dell laptops cause 3 more incident revolved around Dell laptops where the battery exploded. Turned out the battery was using Sony’s battery. Dell decided to to a battery recall.. 4.1 million batteries recently increased to 4.2 million sony made batteries have been suspected to be faulty. Apple decided to join the recall and recalled 1.4 million ibook/powerbook batteries which are also using Sony batteries. A few weeks ago, there was a report of a IBM Thinkpad going up in flames.. Sony still blames its the laptop manufacture’s fault, but I don’t think they are saying that now after an IBM explored as well.. So like Dell and Apple, IBM/Lenovo are now doing recalls for any laptops using Sony batteries, to make things worse for Sony, Sony decided to recall some of their own batteries along with batteries sold to Toshiba and Fujitsu. Its been reported that HP/Compaq’s sony based laptops are not affected, but only time can tell.. lol Total number of batteries being recalled are supposedly in the 6-7 million.. lol… Though Sony should have enough change to cover all the replacements.. haha!
With the battery incident, the blu ray thing.. PS3 has been reported to be overheating as well. If PS3 is overheating, so close to its launch date of November 17th, 2006 that would mean the first batch or 2 would have overheating problems. Now sony is claiming its due to the fact there are alot of those machines side by side in the conference but I guess only time will tell. But still. Sony seems to be in HOT WATERS.. lol

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