Looking for a good laptop.. Any recommendations?

Well, it’s that time to start planning for school…  This time its for College and not High School, so I’m planning on getting a laptop to take notes and stuff… :p  so anyway, I’m up for suggestions and hopefully within my requirements… (otherwise there wouldn’t be a point in getting a laptop… ehehe)

anyway here are the requirements.
– portability 12-15in (well its for school, not a Desktop Replacement Laptop, so it should be light for me to carry with me from place to place.. hopefully under 5-6lbs)
– Widescreen Display (I want a widescreen display so I can use it for watching widescreen movies. I kinda want one laptop which can be used for both school and free time.. :p
– dual core processor (either the Core Duo or Turion X2.  I would go for the Core 2 Duo “Merom Core”, but that isn’t suppose to be out in another 2-3 months, and by then school would have already started and I need it for school.. lol)
– long battery (I’m hoping it would lase 3-5 hours of pretty cpu intensive programs so it would last even longer when doing low cpu intensive programs..)
– an actual graphics (if possible, a discrete graphics card and not Integrated Graphics like the GMA950 etc etc)
– 1+GB of RAM (512MB aint good enough for me, I want 1GB or more if possible)
– 80+ HD (well 40 and 60 GB are cheap and all but I want at least 80GBs)
– DVD-RW (who wants anything else..  it can do everything a combo drive can do, even burn DVDs… :p  and HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are more expensive and useless for the time being.. so yeah)
– Last and probably the most important… $$$ (I hoping it be less than 1800 if not 2000 before tax)  hehe
Thats about it.. 🙂 This article is listed under both (Computer & Technology) and (School) category as a laptop is a computer and the laptop is “mainly” for school purpose..  :whistle:
any suggestion is welcomed (relating to the topic of course.. :))

I’m thinking about getting a dell, but after reading about all these exploding dells, I’m kinda scared of getting one…   lol

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  1. You sure you’re actually going to take notes with that thing or just play games, watch movies, and otherwise goof off? :ninja:

    I kinda wanted a laptop for school (since my writing is unreadable), but there’s really no point now since I only have 2 quarters left.

    Watch out though, some profs make sure that you’re taking notes and nothing else. I had a prof that made you get permission and prove you’re taking notes in order to have a laptop in class. Which is how it should be, those damn morons doing nothing but online shopping and browsing that bane-of-all-evil gay ass myspace site need to die. Even more annoying when the lights are out and we’re watching a film. :thumbsdown:

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