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Since I don’t have XBOX 360… yet… I got Prey on PC after hearing how good it was from some of my friends. I’d say game play for me was around 7-9 hours.. Started yesterday and finished a couple mins ago. (played around 5-6 hours yesterday and about 3 today.. hehe)

so anyway, about the game… You play as this Cherokee guy named Tommy who lives in a tribal reserve, has a girlfriend named Jen who is somewhat a big part of the game, and doesn’t believe in the spirits of the ancestors like his grandfather. It starts in Jen’s bar, you’re in the washroom. You go to the bar and your grandfather talks to you about the spirits, Tommy says its a bunch of bullshit.

After 2 guys at a bar tries to hit on your girlfriend so you bash them with a wrench (take that!) all of the sudden aliens arrive and abducts you, your grandfather and Jen. You end up on a spaceship later you find out its called a sphere and that earth was given life by these aliens as a food source. You somehow get free with a help of an unknown stranger you later find out is from another tribe, but they get killed by the keepers later on in the game. You watch your grandfather get slaughtered and right when Jen was next, the stranger helps again and disables the machine. Your mission throughout the game is to basically find and rescue Jen, but along the way you meet up with a priests who explains why they are onboard the spaceship and that they have a way to escape. The “mother” on the ship is tracking your every movement and wants you to take her place (its explained before you fighter in the last level)..

Skip to when you find Jen, she is fused with a 4 legs alien with 2 gallanting guns and shoots at you out of her control, after you kill the creature, she begs you to kill her and you do of course.. This is when the mother offers Tommy immortality for the first time.

You get sent to the spirit world 3 times and you see your grandfather’s spirit and he talks to you.. The aliens got to the spirit world cause they followed you and are wreaking havoc in the ancient grounds, you are sent back to stop the invasion. You finally found the keeper (which there are quite a lot) but you kill them anyway.

The final level is where you reach the center sphere which supposedly no human has laid eyes on for eons.. you find out mother is actually a human women (who so happens to be topless) she explains how they offered to leave her people alone in exchange for her to take control of the sphere. so the fight starts, typical FPS thing, you shoot, kill etc etc.. After you defeat her, she gives you control of the sphere and instead of taking control of it, you fly it into the Sun…

The game is based on Doom 3 engine, but the cool features in this game would be the portals. The gravity switch and the anti-gravity paths.. The gameplay got really confusing when you find yourself walking sideways while the enemies are firing from above you.. or when they attack from beside you vertically… The hard part of the game is the enemies can practically come out of nowhere.. The weird part of the game is how those spider like creatures come out. They come out patch what looks like a vagina.. 😮 I suppose that explains the partial nudity warning on the box.. lol so yeah, game play is like your typical FPS game besides the multi direction targets (both vertically and horizontally). You also get a feel like you play as 2 people, the mortal flesh and blood version of you and the spirit side of you. When you to the spirit walk, you can avoid detections from automated defenses and turn them off on the other side of the hallway or go through shields and turn it off once you reach the other side. You also use it to press dual locked security panels, access the elevator/life etc etc. You also get to fly a shuttle which shoots and can be repaired if you land on a landing pad.
The guns but fires the same way as regular guns. When you get killed in the game, you don’t technically die, you are transported to this place when you use your bow and arrow and kill flying creatures flying around in circles.. The Red is for the mortal health and the Blue is for the spirit health. When to are revived, the enemies you killed don’t come back to life, the enemy’s health doesn’t regain full strength, so basically you are revived to the exact point where you left off so you can continue where you last got killed… hehe
This game kicks ass.. Really great FPS, storyline is pretty short and is pretty easy to play, you can die as many times as you want and never have to replay the same level and kill the same enemy over again. Haven’t tried the online mode yet so I’m looking forward to it.. 🙂

Theres a short little playable story after the ending credits, The priest you thought died managed to escape and tells you about great power beings who wants to meet you, she opens a portal for you.. You’re in some kind of wormhole when the screen goes black and the message “Prey will Continue…” appears. I suppose this signifies that a Prey 2 would be released in the future? 🙂

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  1. Hey,

    yeah Prey looks really good. I have it but I don’t play it alot (actually played it for like 5 minutes to test if everything is alrite, then my bro took over lol)

    Not really a big fan of FPS games (although I love playing BF2 o_O)

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