Stargate SG-1 Season 10 Episode 1!!

Seaon premiered on Sci-Fi channel last night.. Stargate SG-1 entered their 10th season and Stargate Atlantis entered their 3rd season.

The Sci-Fi channel is an american channel (I think its only available for Satellite Subscribers such as Direct TV.) But as all popular shows go, it was put into torrent within hours after it was aired.. 🙂

>>Beware of spoilers< <

I just finished watching Season 10, and I must say, although it didn’t start off how I thought it would, it was still quite an excellent episode.. 🙂 SG-1 finds themselves in a similar situation they were in when they first opened the stargate, their enemy having the upper advantage in amount of soldiers and advanded technology.. and now the Ori ships are targetting Chu’lak where the Jaffa Rebellion all began. At the end of the episode, the entire SG-1 team and Vala are safetly onboard the Odyseey for the time being, until they go into battle again. :p

Still waiting to see Atlantis, and hopefully its really good as well, The Wraith found earth and I think are trying to modify their hyperspace engine to get there faster. Sheppard should find his way onboard as he latched himself on the hive ship just as they went into hyperspace in the season 2 finale.. and McKay will probably be forced to “assist” to make the modifications to their engine, as hes is the only one who has knowledge to do so, otherwise, I don’t know why they kept him and Ronin. I guess i’ll find out soo enough.. :p

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