Stargate Atlantis Season 3 Episode 1

Season Premiere of Atlanits started off well..

Episode 1 started off where it left off last episode.

>>Beware of Spoilers< <

The Daedalus took damage with the battle against the 2 Hive Ships and Sheppard lodged his F-302 on the hull of one of the Hive before they went into hyperspace. Atlantis team comes up with a tatical plan for both the Orion and the Daedalus to go after the Hive ships when Weir was recalled back to earth to explain her actions to the IOA. Ronin cuts his way out of the cocoon and cuts Mckay out as well. Since Michael, the wraith Sheppard gave the name to after turning him into Human, wasn’t told of the plan, he decideds to help Sheppard.

The daedalus and the Orion shows up, and the Orion fires 1 slavo of drones and destroyes one of the Hive ship. Since the Orion sacrificed power to the shield to fire the slavo, their shields were turned off and the second wraith ship was able to destroy the Orion after all the crew had been beamed abord the daedalus (at least the main characters).. Ronin, McKay, Sheppard and Michael go their way in a wraith transport and was beamed up onto the daedalus as the ship started firing on the ship.

As the wraith started launching their darts, deadalus firing everything they go onto the hanger decks destroying majority if not all the darts flying out which created secondary explosions. The wraith stopped firing at the deadalus due to too much damage to their ship just when the daedalus lost the shield, though still took a few hits directly on the hull and cut off life support. They then came up with a plan to turn all the wraith in the hive ship to humans (since when the wraith turned humans, they get some sort of amnesia and have no idea whats going on), so they beam people onboard the Hive ship for oxygen while Mckay, Zelenka and their teams try to fix the daedalus’s life support.

They find out the female wraiths aren’t affected by the drug when Major Lorine was almost killed by the Wraith Queen.

and thats where the show ends.. :p

quite good actually, you have to watch it to appriciate it.. like all Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis shows.. 🙂

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