Rogers Hi-Speed Internet.

Yup, thats what I’m currently using for my Internet Service Provider. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme, rated at 6mbps download and 800kbps upload. costs $46.95 a month + tax, now the advertisement and what its witten down on their website sounds really good, its until you actually use the service, now thats a completely different story.

Right now, at least for the past week or so. My internet has been getting bad connections, mIRC disconnecting on my every couple hours, download speeds not going to well, Live Messenger dropping connection every now and then. Same goes with Trillian (MSN, AIM, ICQ and YIM). Not to mention firefox and ie having problems loading websites from time to time. forcing me to restart the router and modem.

I’ve been running speed test to make sure I wasn’t imagining it, which unfortunantely, I’m not.

Rogers Speed Check shows 1.4mbps down 700kbps up. < < upload speed is 100kbps off but thats fine. but notice how the download speed has a difference of 4.6mbps. I dont know about you, but that's a HUGE difference. Rogers also has a 1MBps connection package, and it costs 30 dollars a month. 16 dollars less than what i'm paying for. Cnet's bandwidth test showed 1120.6kbps connection speed. << so thats really close to 6mbps right?? >_< speakeasy speed test showed sub 1mbps download speed.. << thats even worse than the roger's speed test. and i found speakeasy's test to be quite reliable in the past. dslreport, testmy also showed a sub 1mbps download speed... The upload speeds were good, but whats good about having good upload speeds when your download speed is just as fast as the upload speed, and I'm talking about being subscribed to their highest "6mbps" service. ping and tracert is where it gets funnier (at least thats what i thought) pinging showed an average of 63ms (i got a friend to test it on his computer and he got an average of 28ms (35ms difference, his max response time was 37ms) :S pinging resulted in "Request Timed out" tracert for google went well, at least it didnt show any request timed out. but tracert for microsoft did. 7 time outs. so yeah, I sure am getting what I paid for. $46 for the same download performance as the same company's $30 a month package. If this keeps up i'd be wasting $16 a month when i could be getting the same performance for a lower package with the same company.. but then the lower package might as well get an even lower performance rating and I get their lowest cable package would be slower than dial up.. 😮 The thing is, I've actually wanted to switch to Bell Sympatico High Speed Ultra. I know people using it and they get great service with them, I dont know from personal experience cause they have never been available in my area until a couple weeks ago when I found out around the same time, my dad supposedly signed a 3 year contract with rogers. So the day I get a second ISP option just so happens to be the same day my dad signs the contract for an addition 3 years of Rogers Hi-Speed Internet, which right now the "hi-speed part" is 100% untrue.. >_<

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