Message Boards now opened!

With the skin nearing completion, the message boards are now opened 🙂

The skin was suppose to match the design of the blog, but besides the background color and the logo used, it shows little resemblance of the main site, but the skin turned out pretty nice, at least thats what I think.. :p

So yeah, if you notice anything that doesnt feel right, just post it in the feedback and suggestion forum. BTW, I am aware that the registration form is kinda on the wide side but it should be working so registering isn’t a problem, otherwise I wouldn’t have opened the forums just yet..

I decided to set up a message board cause: 1.) I felt like to. 2.) No real reason why. hehe 3.) Possibly have discussions? 4.) You’ll notice all the forums are related to things that entertain me… well.. not all the things I’m interested in (if you know what I mean.. :whistle: )
And thats the reason why I decided to set up a message board

One more thing… The user database on the forums and the wordpress database are completely seperate, so just cause you have an account on the message board, doesn’t mean you have an account to my blog… :p


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