Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2067.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 1]] [[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2069.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 2]]

Logitech’s new Cordless Gaming Mouse.. even tho it was released around a couple months ago, I finally got it!!

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2070.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 3]]

The package comes with the Logitech G7 mouse of course.. lol (Glossy Green, Silver and Black), the USB Reciever, 2 Lithium-Ion Battery, The Recharger base with Cable, the Manual and the SetPoint 2.42A Drivers for the mouse..

A close up of the Mouse..

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2076.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 4]] [[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2077.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 5]] [[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2078.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 6]] 

and the bottom of the mouse.

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2079.JPG|center|Logitech G7 Pic 7]]

theres an On/Off button so you can turn off the mouse, the laser sensor and the slot where the battery pack is placed.

Logitech G7 includes SetPoint software for you to install so you can properly configure all of the wonder G7 or any other Logitech Mouse.

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/SetPoint_1.jpg|center|SetPoint 1]] [[Image:Review/Logitech G7/SetPoint_2.jpg|center|SetPoint 2]] [[Image:Review/Logitech G7/SetPoint_3.jpg|center|SetPoint 3]] [[Image:Review/Logitech G7/SetPoint_4.jpg|center|SetPoint 4]]

And then we see the Special Menu to set the Senestivity of the mouse (Currently only the MX518, G5 and G7 mouse have this function) so you can change the sensitivity on the fly with a press of a button on the mouse.

And now the Comparison with the other mice I have..

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2074.JPG|center|Logitech Mice]]

The top vertically placed is the Logitech MX700 Cordless Mouse. Under it, on the far left is the Logitech MX900 Bluetooth, then the Logitech MX1000 Laser, Then the Logitech G7 and finally the Logitech G5.

and another shot

[[Image:Review/Logitech G7/DSCN2075.JPG|center|Logitech Mice]]

Pros: Swappable Battery, Adjustable DPI settings
Cons: Battery Life for eacy battery pack is rather low. around 2 -3 days on a full battery charge.

Overall this is highly recommended gaming mouse.

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