Tough Choice…..

So this is the time of year one starts thinking where he/she needs to go after High School (well for me… it should have been last year… but since I stayed for another year to get better marks… ) anyway… College is my only Option now since of what happened in Grade 10, which I am not going to discuss so don’t ask :p

I have my eye set on Senca @ York program cause the campus is rather close and I visited the campus today and its really big.. but thats not the point.. lol

Theres 3 programs that interest me and I don’t know which to take.. >_< theres Computer System Technology, then theres Computer Networking and Technical Support.. and finally... Computer Programme the first one is a 3 year program.. the second and 3rd one are 2 year programs.. touch coice .. >_< and I don't even know when they start accepting applications.. lol

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