NFS: Most Wanted 5-1-0

My Second PSP game!! lol
Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0..

Its a pretty sick game.. Although the PSP version doesnt have free roam mode.. (which is what i sorta expected from the game, I guess thats only available for the actual console and PC version and why PSP’s version has the expta 5-1-0 on it.. o_O)

The graphics is quite good for a handheld game. game play is cool. Although for some reason the cops only seem to go only after you.. and the cops seems to only stick to the right side of the road instead of going to the opposite side of the lane when you come towards them road splitter things.. lol

the PSP version is basically like the first Underground.. and not like Underground 2 where you drive around (free roaming)

Most Wanted comes with 4 different modes

Instant Race is the type of race, location and a ‘suped up car are randomly chosen for you.

Custom Race is using your own car and you picking the race location.

Outrun is where you try to run away from the cops.

Tuner Takedown mode is where you’re the cop trying to catch the street racers for points.

Career mode is where you play Circuit racing, Knockoff Races, Time-Trials etc etc.

You can modifiy your car with upgrades although its extremely very limited, especially when it comes to Performance upgrades, and I suppose a decent amount of Visual Upgrades. (but thats not to be unexpected considering they had to fit all that in a 1.8GB UMD where as opposed to PC where its 2GBs compressed data… PS2 and XBox using DVDs which are 4+GBs.. etc etc.. so yeah.. 🙂

Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 on PSP is a great game to play..

Though I’ll prolly end up getting either the PC or the xbox version of Most Wanted cause I wanted to play the free roam mode too.. >_<

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