Some Random Stuff about School

Haven’t posted in my blog for a while now I think.. :whistle:
So I’ll post some random stuff I suppose.. hehehe


First University. Went to the University fair last Friday, even though theres no chance for me to get into University, I still went anyway. Doesn’t hurt to find out what course they offer so yeah, and got to miss school that day ^_^..

Second. Calculus, Hard course… Very Hard, for me at least.. lol Failed the first Quiz. Bombed the First Test, hopefully I can make up for it with tomorrow’s Quiz and the *possible* Friday’s Test. Right now we are learning Limits, which I think I kinda sorta understand so far.

Third. Data Management. Its pretty boring, did okay on the first quiz and okay on the first Test. Need to do better and get a better mark. Perhaps its a good idea I actually do the Homework :whistle:..

Forth. Computer Science. Right now its pretty easy, considering this is the second time I’m taking the exact same course, I’m basically ahead of the rest of the class. :p 90 on the first quiz, 90 on the second quiz, 90 on the 3rd and 100 on the 4th. need to continue to do better tho.. lol

as for next year. Still now settled yet, but I’m kinda hoping to go to Seneca @ York, since they are the only Seneca Campus that does the computer studies, Hope I can get into that school. lol

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